Dell Technologies leads storage market in fourth quarter

Dell Technologies was the largest enterprise storage systems supplier during the fourth quarter of 2020, IDC report said.
Storage market leaders in 2020
HPE is the second largest supplier of storage systems.

Huawei Technologies is the third largest supplier of storage systems.

NetApp is the fourth largest supplier of storage systems.

IBM is in fifth position in the storage systems market.

Market revenue for enterprise external OEM storage systems declined 2.1 percent to $7.8 billion during the fourth quarter of 2020.

External OEM storage capacity shipped was up 11.3 percent year over year to 23.8 exabytes during the quarter.

Revenue generated by the group of original design manufacturers (ODMs) selling directly to hyperscale datacenters grew 2.0 percent to $6.6 billion in 4Q20, while capacity shipped grew 7.6 percent year over year to 76.0 exabytes. Total capacity shipments for the market (External OEM + ODM Direct + Server-Based Storage) increased 8.3 percent to 135.1 exabytes.

The All Flash Array (AFA) market generated $3.0 billion in revenue during the quarter, down 6.9 percent year over year. The Hybrid Flash Array (HFA) market was worth nearly $3.2 billion in revenue, increasing 5.8 percent from the year ago quarter.

Storage revenue in PRC grew 28 percent. EMEA declined 2.4 percent, Japan declined 7.8 percent, while Canada and the United States fell 8.7 percent and 10.1 percent, respectively. Asia Pacific (excluding Japan and PRC) also contracted 14.4 percent annually, and Latin America fell 18.3 percent.