Dell, Cisco, HPE lost share in Cloud IT infrastructure market

Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Vendor Revenue, Q2 2017Cloud IT infrastructure revenue from sales of infrastructure products such as server, storage, and Ethernet switch grew 25.8 percent in the second quarter of 2017 to $12.3 billion, according to IDC.

ODMs, which sell directly to webscale companies globally, have increased their Cloud infrastructure share to 44.1 percent from 33.9 percent.

Dell noticed its Cloud IT infrastructure share dipping to 11.8 percent in Q2 2017 from 15.7 percent from Q2 2016. HPE’s Cloud IT infrastructure share fell to 11.1 percent from 14.7 percent. Cisco lost share to 8.2 percent from 9.1 percent. Huawei increased share to 3.1 percent from 3 percent.

IDC siad the growth in the global Cloud infrastructure revenue market is being driven by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu are preparing for their own expansions.
cloud infrastructure services market Q2 2017Public Cloud infrastructure revenue grew 34.1 percent, representing 33.5 percent of total worldwide IT infrastructure spending from 27 percent share, to $8.7 billion.

Growing regions

Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) +30.5 percent
Western Europe +33.4 percent
Canada +25.1 percent
Middle East & Africa +28.4 percent
United States +24.8 percent
Japan +10.4 percent
Latin America –13.1 percent

Private Cloud revenue rose 9.9 percent to $3.7 billion.

Cloud IT infrastructure revenue has almost tripled in the last four years.

The non-cloud IT infrastructure revenue fell 3.8 percent, representing 52.4 percent of the share of overall IT revenue, to $13.6 billion for the quarter.

Public Cloud represents 70.2 percent of the total cloud IT infrastructure revenue.

Enterprise Storage Systems revenue grew 30.4 percent, making up over a third of the revenue in public cloud.

Server and Ethernet Switch public cloud IT infrastructure revenues were up 24.6 percent and 26.8 percent respectively.

Private cloud infrastructure spending continues to be driven by the server market, which has remained nearly 60 percent of the revenue in that space for the past 18 quarters.

“IDC is still seeing steady growth in the lower tiers of public cloud, and continued growth in private cloud on a worldwide scale. In combination, these infrastructure growth segments should more than offset the declines in traditional deployments for the remainder of 2017 and well into next year,” said Kuba Stolarski, research director for Computing Platforms at IDC.

Baburajan K