ABB retains lead in Distributed Control Systems market

ABB has maintained a leading share of around 20 percent in 2020 in Distributed Control Systems (DCS) market which is worth more than $14 billion.
ABB in Distributed Control Systems market
ABB achieved growth across key regions, despite the impact of the pandemic on the DCS market across industry. ABB has an installed base of 35,000 DCS systems across more than 100 countries.

Energy transition and sustainability, as well as an upturn in DCS segments across the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology markets were key growth drivers for ABB.

DCS is a digital platform for automated control and operation of plants and processes – has been at the core of process and energy industries.

ARC Advisory Group’s report lists the top DCS players, providing an overview of key trends, the progress of the DCS over the past year within regional and industry contexts, potential market impacts and the expected DCS trajectory over a five year period.

ABB leads the field in DCS thanks to its domain knowledge in multiple industries, extensive service network, a continued investment in developing technology, loyal customers and digital solutions that meet rapidly changing customer requirements, Bernhard Eschermann, Chief Technology Officer, ABB Process Automation, said.

The latest version of ABB Ability System 800xA represents an evolution for automated control and plant operations of tomorrow. ABB Ability System 800xA is a process control system, an electrical control system and a safety system and a collaboration enabler, allowing improvement of engineering efficiency, operator performance and asset utilization.

In addition, ABB Ability Symphony Plus, is an industry leading DCS in the power, water and waste water markets and ABB’s Freelance offering is a DCS tailor-made for hybrid markets.

ARC’s report also highlights ABB Ability, ABB’s cross-industry portfolio of digital solutions, which includes more than 170 Industrial Internet solutions and an Industrial Internet technology platform and cloud infrastructure. ABB Ability helps customers to develop new processes and advance existing ones by providing insights and optimizing planning and controls for real-time operations.

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