Orange to support startups focusing on AI, IoT and Cloud in Russia

Orange Business ServicesOrange Business Services has announced the launch of Orange Fab in Russia.

Orange Fab is the international accelerator for startups. The program will offer selected start-ups support to accelerate their development in Russia, as well as internationally, leveraging the worldwide presence of Orange.

During the three-month acceleration period, Orange will help develop products and services, while offering start-ups logistical support, access to its markets and its partners’ markets, or even funding.

The program will involve technology startups in their programs focused on artificial intelligence, big data analytics, solutions for the Internet of Things, next-generation network and cloud technologies, Orange Business Services said.

During the active part of the program, Orange will help startups prepare proposals for innovative technological solution pilots.

Orange Fab programs are actively running in several countries including the US, Israel, Japan, South Korea, France and Senegal. More than 400 start-ups have benefited from Orange Fab’s support so far. And, over 1,000 startups are supported by Orange through various programs, the company said.

“Our mission at Orange Business Services is to help our customers reveal and shape their innovation, which will allow them to differentiate and outperform in their specific markets,” said Helmut Reisinger, CEO of Orange Business Services.

In another related development, Orange has also opened its Digital Center in Senegal, West Africa. The Orange Digital Center brings together several strategic programs under one roof: coding school, Solidarity FabLab, Orange Fab and Orange Digital Ventures Africa, the Group’s investment fund.