Netgear unveils new NAS products for SMBs

Netgear unveiled ReadyNAS 3220 and ReadyNAS 4220, its latest network-attached-storage (NAS) products for SMBs. The price is between $5,900 and $7,900.

These NAS products will run on the ReadyNAS OS, introduced in March 2013.

ReadyNAS 3220 and 4220 enable easy storage for businesses supporting up to 500 concurrent users.

The price of ReadyNAS 3220 is $5,900.

ReadyNAS 4220S will be priced at $7,800.

Netgear has priced ReadyNAS 4220X at $7,900.

“These rackmount devices are designed as storage made easy and are built on a custom platform that lets you do more with your vital business data than you ever thought possible. With ReadyNAS, you’re getting the most storage value for your IT budget,” said Matt Pahnke, senior product marketing manager for Netgear Storage.

With the addition of the 3220 and 4220 models, Netgear has six product lines in the ReadyNAS family all running on the revolutionary ReadyNAS operating system.

The 12-bay ReadyNAS 4220 is a 2U form factor for easy rack deployment in data center environments supporting 50 to 500 concurrent users.

ReadyNAS 4220 is designed for high performance business environments with Gigabit infrastructures, where tasks involve copious amounts of data backed up to physical or virtual machines, servers, and databases.

Available in two options which each have four Gigabit Ethernet ports, the Ready NAS 4220S offers two SFP+ 10G ports, while the ReadyNAS 4220X includes two 10GBase-T 10G ports. NETGEAR offers ReadyNAS 4220 in either diskless or populated editions.

The new 12-bay ReadyNAS 3220 is a 2U form factor for easy rack deployment in small data center environments, ideal for supporting 26 to 250 concurrent users.

ReadyNAS 3220 is ideal for businesses that require additional capacity but are concerned about value for performance. ReadyNAS 3220 comes either diskless or populated with drives.

The four-bay ReadyNAS 2120 is a 1U form factor for easy rack deployment in small office environments, designed to service from five to 25 simultaneous users. ReadyNAS 2120 is available diskless or populated with drives.

The six-bay ReadyNAS 500 Series (RN516xx) desktop model offers the highest performance in the desktop family and is designed for small to medium sized business networks supporting up to 250 concurrent users, and comes either diskless or populated with drives.

The ReadyNAS 300 Series (RN312xx, RN314xx, RN316xx) is optimized for small business networks and remote or branch office needs, and offers two-bay, four-bay, and six-bay desktop models that are either diskless or populated with drives.

The entry level ReadyNAS 100 Series (RN102xx, RN104xx) is designed for home use, and comes in two-bay and four-bay desktop models that are offered as either diskless or populated with drives.

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