Blue Jeans and Tely Labs deliver video conferencing for SMBs

Video collaboration provider Blue Jeans Network has partnered with Tely Labs to deliver new video conferencing service to SMBs.

The partnership will create a new hardware appliance and cloud service solution tailored to meet the needs of SMB organization.

Dubbed as the “Blue Jeans for Tely,” the new product is a lite version of Blue Jeans video conferencing and collaboration service. The device offers built-in support for Tely Labs’s telyHD Pro plug-and-play video conferencing endpoint, as well as web browsers and mobile devices.

blue-jeans-videoconferencingSMB customers are increasingly turning to video conferencing solutions that will provide them greater flexibility and cost benefits. By partnering with Blue Jeans, Tely Labs is preparing to address these demands. The partnership helps SMBs bring video conferencing to their meeting rooms by pairing a simple device with a cost-effective cloud service.

“Thanks to Blue Jeans and Tely Labs, businesses don’t have to be big or spend big to experience the big value of face-to-face collaboration,” said Stu Aaron, chief commercial officer at Blue Jeans Network.

Blue Jeans for Tely is priced $1,000 per year per telyHD Pro, with unlimited use across an organization, the company said.

The partnership between Blue Jeans and Tely happens at a time when major video conferencing equipment providers see dip in revenues.

According to IDC, providers like Cisco, Polycom, Huawei saw decline in video conferencing equipment revenue in the first quarter of (Q1) 2014. Analysts, however, say the dip also indicates the ongoing transition from a primarily hardware-based reporting model to a more cost-effective subscription model.

According to IDC, most or all of these vendors are now offering cloud-based video alternatives to customers too – in addition to their own lower cost, premises-based systems.

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