Asia Pacific shoppers least satisfied in online shopping: ComScore

Online shoppers in the U.S are the most satisfied with online shopping experiences while their counterparts in the Asia Pacific are the least satisfied, says a new study from ComScore.

According to the report, shoppers in the U.S. are the most satisfied with online shopping experiences at 83percent, while consumers in the Asia Pacific are least satisfied at only 50percent.

The global study, part of the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper series, reveals that online shoppers are looking for more control over their shipping and delivery experiences.

The survey data was compiled from more than 14,000 frequent online shoppers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Mexico.

Social media channels play a significant role in boosting online shopping. Global consumers are connected to social media channels and are open to promotions from retailers. “Liking” a brand through Facebook is most prevalent in Asia (81 percent) and Mexico (76percent) – but least common in Europe.

Online Shopping

Further the study found that majority of shoppers in Asia and Europe (79percent) prefer to access retailers though mobile or digital channels, while more than ⅓ of shoppers in Canada and Australia prefer to shop in-store.

As mobile and social channels continue to change the way consumers shop, the study found creating a mobile app can help prevent comparison shopping in all markets, especially in Mexico and Europe, nearly half in the U.S., but not as much in Asia.

Canadian consumers trade speed for cost, as do U.S. shoppers; however Asian shoppers prefer speed and they are willing to wait only four days for their purchases to arrive.

Consumers around the world said they would shop more with a retailer offering a hassle-free returns policy.

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