Watson IoT to power Weather Company’s project to deliver weather data

the weather company

The Weather Company, an IBM Business, announced a new project to provide critical weather data to millions of people in currently underserved areas.

For this project, The Weather Company will leverage Watson IoT technology.

With severe weather statistically occurring more frequently, governments and businesses are seeking supplemental weather data to better prepare for impending disasters, the company said in a press statement.

To address these challenges, in 2001 Weather Underground (WU), a subsidiary of The Weather Company, developed the Personal Weather Station (PWS) Network.

As the PWS Network expands and integrates with the Watson IoT platform, researchers can leverage the cognitive computing power of Watson to develop new systems and applications for various purposes, which are usually connected with weather.

PWS Network  has over 200,000 stations in 195 countries. This network enables The Weather Company to provide accurate weather forecasts  around the world.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, during the period from 2010-15, severe weather events caused more than $100 billion in damage in the U.S., where modern warning systems exist.