VMware forms multiple alliances in IoT space

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VMware announced key strategic alliances in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

The alliance with Bayshore Networks, Dell, Intwine Connect, Deloitte Digital, PTC and V5 Systems is aimed to help bridge the gap between IT and operational technology (OT) worlds.

According to IDC’s “Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide,” IoT spending will grow to nearly $1.3 trillion by 2019.

“As a company that has been delivering technology innovations to enterprises for nearly 20 years, we will leverage our core strengths around device management, operational analytics and security to help bring specific IoT offerings to customers,” said Bask Iyer, chief information officer and general manager, IoT, VMware.

Together, Dell and VMware offer mutual customers and partners choice and flexibility in speeding up Internet of Things deployments.

VMware’s alliance with Deloitte Digital will offer a comprehensive solution around management and infrastructure that allows clients to boost productivity and gain competitive advantage.

Similarly, the alliance will give PTC ThingWorx customers with the ability to to quickly bring to market enterprise-ready IoT solutions.

“Our work with these companies will be important in helping businesses meet their strategic needs for IoT applications, analytics, hardware and services, ultimately extending their reach from the data center and cloud to the edge,” Bask Iyer commented.

In June, VMware announced Liota (Little IoT Agent), a vendor-neutral open source software development kit (SDK) for building secure IoT gateway data and control orchestration applications.

VMware conveyed that it plans to continue to develop IoT-related alliances to address complex IoT use cases across healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, government, CPG and more.

Meanwhile, VMware received new customers for its hyper-converged solution Virtual SAN. Amway, iGov Technologies and SugarCreek are new to the list.

VMware Virtual SAN provides shared storage for virtualized production environments with a simple scale-out model that leverages server hardware from every major server provider to deliver lower total cost of ownership than any enterprise storage solution.