Toshiba unveils development kits for wearable and IoT devices

Toshiba Corporation has launched Hardware Development Kit (HDK) and Software Development Kit (SDK) for wearable and IoT devices.

The new kits will monitor activity levels, take a pulse and check heart rate and together form a development platform for the TZ1000 series application processor for wearable and IoT devices.

The company has designed TZ 1000 series as a single device solution for measuring, processing, saving and communicating data required for wearable and IoT devices. The TZ 1000 series devices include sensor, a processor, flash memory, and a Bluetooth Low Energy controller in one package.

Company officials said that the development environment includes HDK embedded with the TZ1000 series TZ1001MBG processor, SDK, software development tool support and documentation.

Users can evaluate and develop software in an environment closer to final products with the kits. The development environment will contribute to reduce design man-hour requirements and product development periods.

Toshiba kit for IoT

HDK consist of a TZ1001MBG-embedded main board and a biometric sensor board to measure pulse waves and the heart’s electrical activities. SDK includes driver software to control each component incorporated in TZ1001MBG.

The HDK and SDK are supported by Keil MDK-ARM and IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM.

Company officials said before supplying IoT device developers with the HDK and SDK on May 7th, it will conduct a trail campaign to offer a limited quantity of reference boards and its development environment free of charge.

Few days ago, Toshiba unveiled a new generation of power efficient transistor arrays that feature a double-diffused MOSFET (DMOS FET) type output driver.

Last month, Toshiba introduced latest additions to its TZ1000 series of ApP Lite processors targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) with TZ1001MBG and TZ1021MBG.

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