Top IoT ready nations in Asia Pacific: IDC

The latest IDC report said Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong are the leading nations in IoT readiness in Asia Pacific excluding Japan.
smart city technology investmentCities with more broadband penetration, technology and smart city spending, coupled with a well-regulated economic environment are more IoT ready.

IoT deployment is mature in Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong primarily due to Government led agendas and Smart City initiatives allowing for more managed services revenue opportunity for vendors.

Growing smart city and IoT infrastructure spending secures the top 3 spots for Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen enabling both augmentation of infrastructure in public service areas and management of the infrastructure across new and existing application areas.

Cities like New Delhi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Mumbai require specific deployments in a phased manner to resolve critical challenges such as traffic management, public safety etc.

The report said smart City initiatives, investment in cloud and IoT infrastructure, coupled with a healthy business environment, contribute to the favor of Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong.

“Though Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen lead in IoT preparedness among developing countries owing to growing IoT, cloud, and Smart City spend, augmenting the scope of Smart City initiatives across new public service areas will further increase their spend toward IoT deployments,” said Abhishek Mukherjee, senior market analyst at IDC Telecommunications and IoT practice.