Tata Communications buys stake in Oasis to bolster IoT business

Tata Communications has acquired 58.1 percent stake in Oasis Smart SIM Europe SAS (Oasis), a France-headquartered embedded-SIM (eSIM) technology provider.
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Oasis develops and provides advanced technologies and personalised services to enable the deployment of eSIM and SIM technologies.

Tata Communications aims to integrate eSIM technology into Tata Communications MOVE, enabling an end-to-end embedded connectivity solution and strengthening Tata Communications MOVE as a single source platform for enterprise mobility needs.

Tata Communications will drive and accelerate product roadmap R&D with Oasis, leveraging and amplifying the growth in the mobility and IoT markets.

“Through this investment, we will focus on the software layer of the Tata Communications MOVE and drive innovation in eSIM technology through product roadmap R&D,” Tri Pham, chief strategy officer of Tata Communications, said.

Recently, Tata Communications and Micron announced a cellular-enabled connectivity solution to simplify and accelerate large-scale global deployment of IoT devices.

The solution leverages Oasis’ Velios-As-A-Service, the world’s first cloud-based eSIM for IoT devices offering an on-demand SIM deployment on the IoT ecosystem.

Forecasts predict that there will be two billion shipped eSIM-enabled devices by 2025.

eSIMs facilitate cost-efficient cellular connectivity for IoT and M2M applications. They enable significant ease of use with remote provisioning and the ability to connect with multiple mobile network operators, making subscription management easier for the end-users, with an added layer of security.