Sierra Wireless to supply AirLink XR80 5G router to EarthCam

EarthCam, a provider of webcam content, technology and services, has selected Sierra Wireless’ AirLink XR80 5G router for its 5G camera system, the StreamCam 5G.
EarthCam's StreamCam 5G

Sierra Wireless, a IoT solutions provider, said AirLink  XR80 5G provides EarthCam’s StreamCam 5G with the ultra-low latency and reliable 5G connectivity needed to send an almost unlimited amount of visual data from high resolution live-streaming cameras.

Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam, said: “Our collaboration with Sierra Wireless delivers efficient and powerful new solutions for entertainment, construction safety and AI analytics. With 5G and Sierra Wireless’ AirLink XR80 router, we’re able to drastically cut file-transfer times for a full day of recordings from two hours to five minutes.”
Sierra Wireless AirLink XR80 5G RouterSierra Wireless’ AirLink routers including XR80 5G and the RV55 LTE-A Pro, are essential for EarthCam’s cameras for project documentation, such as time-lapse videos of the NFL’s largest stadium, Los Angeles SoFi, Denver International Airport and the rebuilding of the World Trade Center Site in Manhattan.

“The Sierra Wireless AirLink XR80 5G router is purpose-built to maximize connectivity, reliability, and security for both mission-critical and business-critical applications,” said Tom Mueller, Vice President, Product Management, Sierra Wireless.