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Sasken Technologies IoT solutions at MWC 2017

Hari Haran, president, Global Sales Marketing and Business Lines at Sasken
Sasken Technologies, a product engineering and digital solutions provider, will showcase its IoT solutions in areas such as smart devices and wearables, cars, and home – at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Sasken’s product showcase at MWC 2017 will include Satellite Phone, Smart Button, LTE Dongle, Smart Energy Meter, Person Tracking device, Health Band, GPS jacket, and Sports app.

Sasken will showcase its voice-enabled multi-framework home gateway solution aimed at solving the interoperability challenges brought by a variety of edge devices and connectivity technologies based on different protocols.

The key features of the voice-enabled framework home gateway solution are support for voice-based virtual assistants, automatic device detection without reconfiguration, sensor/actuator configuration and control and data analysis using Intel Analytic cloud.

Sasken’s connected car gateway solution is aimed at optimizing functions like infotainment and telematics into a single unit. This solution provides features such as ignition control, climate control, remote locking, vehicle tracking, control/status monitoring, and intrusion detection.

Sasken said the connected car gateway solution enables the car with e-call, b-call, geo-fencing, fuel-level and on-board diagnostics (OBD-2). Sasken’s solution can detect a hack in the electronics control unit (ECU) and determine the rogue ECU while degrading its functionality.

“Sasken is working with leaders in the IoT ecosystem to enable cognitive technologies that help define the world of tomorrow in areas such as car, home, wearables and devices, industrials, and retail,” said Hari Haran, president, Global Sales, Marketing, and Business Lines.

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