SAP in pact with GEA to boost IoT biz

SAP has collaborated with GEA to establish an Industry 4.0 implementation project to address condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

The announcement was made at CeBIT 2015 March in Hanover, Germany.

The alliance will bring machinery and engineering knowledge to the integrated, scalable and high performance cloud offering based on the SAP HANA software.

The main aim of GEA to work on this project with SAP is to optimize the performance of its separator and decanter machinery with the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service Solution, cloud edition.

Based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the solution is intended to bring together technology, sensors and machine data with business processes, applications and practices.

The outcome of the project aims to reduce structural complexity and increase operational excellence to help companies reduce cost and foster gain in existing and new markets.


The remote service technicians of GEA can monitor the status of machines located at GEA customer sites by suing SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, cloud edition. It also helps to identify unusual trends or machine behavior in real time.

Integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) services of SAP HANA cloud platform and the line recorder agent embedded (LRAE) adapter 1.0 from IFM Electronic GmbH will allow for machinery data to be collected. This data can then be enriched with business information from the SAP Business Suite software deployed at GEA.

Innovative services like modular service level agreement, warranted availabilities and insurance to the customers will be delivered by GEA with SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service Solution, cloud edition. The solution is expected to provide GEA the flexibility to add more machines and further product groups over time.

SAP at CeBIT has also presented the new Industry 4.0 curriculum for the SAP University Alliances program together with member universities to offers teaching material for universities to train young talents for the production world of the future.

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