Samsung unveils new smart lighting module


Samsung Electronics introduced a multi-purpose Smart Lighting Module (SLM) aimed at prospective IoT users in the growing smart city markets.

“After announcing our smart lighting platform concept last year, we are now rolling out what can be considered the most critical component in a smart lighting system,” said Jacob Tarn, Executive Vice President, LED Business Team, Samsung Electronics.

“Our SLM solves many of the problems that OEMs are finding in today’s smart building and smart city IoT applications.”

Samsung said the SLM is part of the Samsung Smart Lighting Platform, which is designed for integration with LED lighting systems.

The SLM serves as the connector for all types of devices used in smart luminaires including sensors and drivers. It offers several ports for greater flexibility in making hardware connections, and a script engine that simplifies firmware connections.  It also features wireless software update functionality (OTA) and power metering.

The module comes in three different types, SLM-D, SLM-A and SLM-P. The SLM-D uses DC input voltage of approximately 12 to 24V from AUX power, while the SLM-A has full functionality with AC voltage from 120 to 277V, and the SLM-P is an upgraded version of SLM-A, which adds a power metering function.

Samsung also introduced a full line-up of chip-scale LED packages, including 0.6W-class and 3W-class packages, CSP arrays, and PoW (Phosphor on Wafer) packages.

The company noted that the CSP technology significantly scales down the size of a conventional LED package by combining advanced flip chip technology with phosphor coating technology.

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