Red Hat-Eurotech jointly launch open source IoT cloud platform project

Red Hat Hq

Red Hat and Eurotech announced the launch of a new, open source Eclipse Foundation project to manage IoT edge devices.

The collaboration between Red Hat and Eurotech represents a significant boost to open source IoT solutions.

The co-sponsored project, Eclipse Kapua, combines with the existing Eclipse Kura project to offer IoT developers and end users an open platform for IoT implementations.

Eurotech is now contributing its existing code base for its Everyware Cloud IoT cloud integration platform to the Kapua project, which is in addition to the company’s past contribution of its Everyware Software Framework (ESF) under the Kura project.

Both Red Hat and Eurotech, leaders in the Eclipse IoT community, plan to participate actively in Kapua and Kura, developing and testing code, collaborating with other contributors, and integrating existing open source projects that are integral to IoT solutions.

An essential component of the platform is the intelligent gateway, designed to address the problems of scalability, performance latency, reliability and security inherent to complex IoT implementations.

Earlier this week, Eurotech announced the ReliaGATE 20-26, powered by Red Hat, a gateway that provides data and device management services for IoT deployments encompassing hundreds of thousands of devices.

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