Orange wins IT deal from Sensile Technologies

Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services said it won a three-year IT contract with Sensile Technologies to remotely monitor oil and gas tanks worldwide with M2M connectivity.

Sensile Technologies monitors more than 60,000 tanks in industrial and business facilities across 60 countries, via a global network of highly-qualified technicians and local partners.

Up to now, Sensile Technologies used 2G compatible devices to power its telemetry solutions. The contract with Orange Business Services extends this to cover 3G/4G devices.

Sensile Technologies has developed two telemetry solutions GASLink  and NETRIS2. These solutions  play a key role in the monitoring process. Through 25,000 SIM cards, Orange will offer its support to Sensile.

GASLink and NETRIS2 will be installed directly in the oil or propane tank and regularly send tank level measurements via the GSM network to the cloud, where the data is automatically processed.

The up-to-date tank level data allows oil and propane merchants – and their haulers – to arrange deliveries automatically via planning tools.

Most recently, Merck, a science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials, has deployed a 200-site, next-generation network to support its digital transformation with the help of Orange Business Services.

Last month, Orange Business Services signed a network and security deal with consumer and industrial goods manufacturer Henkel.

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