Orange Business in IoT deal with car rental company Hertz


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Orange Business Services announced its IoT deal with Hertz, a global car rental company, to support its hourly vehicle rental service.

Hertz is offering 24/7 hourly rental service for businesses through retail partnerships, allowing users to pick up their rented cars or vans for any duration and from convenient locations.

As part of the IoT deal, Orange Business Services will provide the IoT connectivity in seven European countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

The Hertz 24/7 corporate business model provides companies with technology-enabled pool fleets, offering significant savings and substantial improvements in utilization and service for the end user.

Employees of businesses can book the keyless cars on the phone, online or using an app, improving the process and saving costs. Hertz 24/7 pool fleets can be deployed in one or multiple countries where the company operates, allowing its staff to book and use the vehicles available at the different locations.

Hertz 24/7 also operates through retail partnerships with Costco, B&Q and IKEA in the UK and with other retailers, including Leroy Merlin and IKEA in other European countries.

IoT connectivity, which provides voice services from the vehicles, will enable customers to have a direct line to the Hertz contact center. Previously, each country had to use a local operator to provide the SIM cards. The deal with Orange Business Services enables Hertz to centralize the management of its fleet’s SIM cards and service management with one global communications provider.

“Our partnership with Orange Business Services is an ideal step for us as we embrace the future and take on new digital technologies that improve customer service,” said Fabrice Genty, senior director, Car Sharing Operations at Hertz.”

Orange Business Services IoT connectivity service is part of Datavenue, a IoT and Analytics solution. Datavenue solution includes the selection of data and objects, their reliable and secure connection, and their management in the customer information system environment.

Orange already supports over 11 million active objects across a variety of sectors, including Smart Cities, Healthcare, Automotive and Industry.

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