NTT Communications enters IoT market

NTT Communications today announced the decision to enter the global IoT market and will target Hong Kong and Thailand for the initial launch.

NTT Com said the new service enables enterprises to access and manage mobile connections around the world, as well as centrally manage these connections through a web portal. The solution resolves issues related to introducing, managing and protecting the security of their mobile communications for M2M operations.

The company is rolling out IoT solutions in Hong Kong and Thailand on January 30 and then in other worldwide markets.

NTT enters IoT market

The service, Arcstar Universal One Mobile, combines globally integrated mobile networks with NTT Com’s Arcstar Universal One world-class virtual private network to realize highly economical and secure M2M connection.

Arcstar Universal One Mobile offers the M2M footprint to global and cross-border M2M business. Low-cost data and SMS services will be available through partner mobile networks in about 200 countries, including APAC and major industrial nations, where the M2M / IoT market is expected to grow.

Arcstar Universal One Mobile connects directly to the mobile networks of NTT Com partners, so data from devices is transmitted securely without going across the Internet.

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