NEC to expand IoT team to 500 by 2020

NEC, which has developed five new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, will increase the resources to nearly 500 by 2020 from the current level of around 100.

The expansion of resources will be in IoT-related systems construction, said NEC.

The company will develop technologies like image processing, sensors and big data analysis, together with new solutions development and partnerships.

According to NEC, it will focus on areas including social infrastructure, such as water demand forecast and traffic monitoring, security management for communities and for key facilities and energy management.

The new solutions developed are Landslide Prediction Solution provides high-precision, real-time calculation of the risk of a mudslide on a slope by analyzing the soil moisture content.

While Water Demand Prediction Solution provides an accurate and detailed forecast of how much water will be needed in the area served and reduce unnecessary water preparation and pump operation while reducing the power cost for operations.

In addition, Electric Power Demand Forecasting Solution forecast future power demand for every half-hour time slot based on past power consumption, weather, calendar and other data and helps to efficiently operate power generation and power procurement plans.


This apart, Image and Weight-Based Goods Inspection Solution is designed for distributors eliminate the need for barcodes and other goods identification data or visual inspection by humans.

Additionally, VIP Detection Solution analyzes image data captured from IP cameras at retail stores and hotels with the use of face recognition technology.

“NEC will capitalize on its extensive track record and its leading technologies in the software-defined networking (SDN), big data, cloud and security areas in order to construct flexible and robust IoT systems,” said Takaaki Shimizu, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of NEC.

In April, NEC Corporation introduced advanced security solutions at INTERPOL World 2015 and implemented cyber security solutions for INTERPOL Digital Crime Center which is established within IGCI.

Shilpa Khatri

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