How Microsoft IoT powering manufacturing for digital transformation


Microsoft recently shared some case studies to show how its IoT offerings are helping manufacturers to undergo digital transformation.

Powered by Azure, the Microsoft cloud, the three solutions offered by Precimetrix, Teramatrix and Covacsis are helping create digital, intelligent and predictive factories. The Precimetrix, Teramatrix and Covacsis solutions have been deployed in leading organizations.

KEC International

India’s KEC International produces electric power transmission towers and provides telecom infrastructure services, tower testing, satellite and GPRS surveys, and hotline stringing services.

It required a solution that tracks total operation involved in producing bars of transmission towers. It also wanted to integrate all the machines and other management system onto one platform to bring all its data on one platform and create an analytics engine to optimize the productivity output and minimize operational costs.

KEC selected Covacsis solution Intelligent Plant Framework (IPF), which helped the company to track key performance indicators (KPIs) by directly acquiring the data generated from machines and controllers.

This tracking solution helped KEC team to analyze run time,  cycle time, availability and OEE of the machines in real time.

Further having real time visibility, IPF  triggers alerts and notifications to all designated key stakeholders when there is any deviation in the KPIs from the benchmarks.

Samudra Electronic System

Samudra Electronic System is the manufacturing arm of SMC Infrastructures. With a registered head Office in Pune, the company offers intelligent LED lighting solutions.

It required a solution that will help remote monitoring and controlling of over 100,000 public street lights that comes under Jaipur Nagar Nigam.

Precimetrix solution deployed street light monitoring and control system deployed on Azure platform for Samudra Electronic System.

This has provided the company real time dashboard for street light controllers ensuring visibility in the power status, power consumption and monetary savings generated by each controller.

Further, the deployment offered Samudra the ability to switch on and switch off controllers from the web portal.

It also enabled email and SMS alerts on power consumption beyond configured thresholds. Apart from that, it gave auto generation of invoices.

All these resulted in significant reduction in response times to lamp failures, manpower optimization, and significant increase in the accuracy of recording of energy usage, transparency in invoicing and reduction in invoicing delays- means better functionality.

Hero MotoCorp

Hero MotoCorp is one of largest manufacturers of two-wheelers, based in India. Hero MotoCorp two wheelers are manufactured across four globally benchmarked manufacturing facilities in Gurgaon, Dharuhera, Haridwar and Neemrana.

It wanted to transform automotive component testing procedure at the Gurgaon manufacturing plant. Component testing is of paramount importance for maintaining high quality standards of existing vehicles being manufactured on the assembly line.

Hero MotoCorp and Teramatrix have implemented a connected quality control scenario whereby testing machines within HMCL’s Gurgaon manufacturing plant have been connected to xFusion IoT software platform.

Quality and defect logs generated while testing different auto components from multiple vendors and across multiple test types (e.g.repeated operation, vibration etc.) are stored in Azure cloud in automated fashion.

xFusion analytics and co-relation engine acts on this real-time streaming data for generating actionable insights and proactive notifications to ensure 24×7 continuity of various testing cycles, continuous product improvement and overall productivity enhancement.

With real-time consolidated dashboards and testing reports available with concerned teams, it has reduced the human intervention in the quality testing process resulting in higher accuracy, efficiency and most importantly faster decision making.

The result was amazing. The deployment reduced human intervention in the quality testing process resulting in higher accuracy, efficiency and most importantly faster decision making.

The deployment also helped Hero MotoCorp to have continuity of various testing cycles and left no deviation in testing plan priorities with system controlled automation.

Besides that, it resulted in 20 percent increase in direct and indirect manpower productivity. The KPI analysis provided alert to executives about potential problems.

Furthermore, these solutions allowed scheduling and monitoring of the quality assurance test equipment and reduced quality assurance test process time.

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