IoT service provider Unlimit opens R&D Centre in Bengaluru

Unlimit, an IoT service provider in India, announced the opening of its new R&D Centre in Bengaluru.
Unlimit CEOUnlimit aims to create new business opportunities and innovations in the IoT industry, and will focus on customised projects, supply chain, connected vehicles and industry 4.0. The R&D centre will play an important role in Unlimit’s expansion strategy, and its plans to target close to $200 million revenue by 2020.

Unlimit, which has around 85 employees, has built an ecosystem of 500+ certified partners in the country since its inception around three years ago. It is providing IoT offerings including managed connectivity, device management, application platform, analytics, etc.

Unlimit has partnered with established IoT stakeholders such as BSNL, Cisco Jasper, PTC, Software AG Cumulocity IoT, and IBM Watson IoT to provide dedicated IoT solutions in the field of automotive, industry 4.0 and supply chain.

“This centre will help us to be a part of a larger ecosystem and will bring us closer to our customers, vendors as well as our employees,” said Juergen Hase, CEO of Unlimit.

Unlimit organised InterThrone, a contest for tech professionals and IT students with the aim to provide a platform to create and make the best use of the Internet and connected devices.

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