Intel acquires YOGITECH to boost IoT presence

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Intel is acquiring YOGITECH, based in Italy, to boost its Internet of Things (IoT) presence.

YOGITECH will be part of join Intel’s Internet of Things Group. This acquisition furthers Intel’s efforts to win in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS), robotics and autonomous machines for market segments like automotive, industrial and other IoT systems that require functional safety and high performance.

ADAS is one of the fastest-growing segments in automotive electronics. ADAS makes features like assisted parking possible and paves the way for autonomous vehicles in the future.

Intel says 30 percent of the IoT market segment will require functional safety by 2020. The industry is moving from automating data to inform better decisions, to automating actions informed by real-time data.

“You can see this evolution in the autonomous vehicle prototypes that nearly all have Intel inside. Functional safety is a requirement for these and other IoT customers. We see the combination of high performance and functional safety as a natural evolution of Intel’s IoT platform and strategy,” said Ken Caviasca, vice president of platform engineering and development in the Internet of Things (IoT) Group at Intel.

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