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Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced its Internet of Things (IoT) deal with elevator maker KONE to drive innovation in smart buildings.

As per the IoT deal, KONE will tap IBM Watson IoT Cloud Platform to connect, monitor and optimize its management of escalators, doors and turnstiles in buildings and cities worldwide. The IoT system will analyze data from sensors embedded in equipment to identify and predict issues and minimize downtime.

“People-centric cities and buildings are better for business, societies and economies. Central to this is how people move around within them and intelligent systems are poised to make their experience more convenient, intuitive and enjoyable,” said Chris O’Connor, general manager, Offerings, IBM Watson IoT.

KONE will be able to predict and resolve selected technical issues remotely by running tests and making commands over the cloud, instead of calling a service engineer.

Henrik Ehrnrooth, president and CEO of KONE Corporation, said: “We operate in a connected world and by working with IBM, new solutions like remote diagnostics and predictability means we will deliver even better services to our customers.”

KONE plans to drive innovation and develop new solutions and services to improve the flow of people in busiest cities and buildings. Using IBM’s Watson IoT Cloud platform, KONE plans to allow a vast developer ecosystem via Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) to build new applications to make a smoother, safer and more personalized people flow experience for building users.

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