Features of Miraie profactory IoT solution from Panasonic

Panasonic has unveiled an industrial IoT and smart factory solution to help manufacturers digitise their production lines and factory floor operations.
Panasonic MirAI IoT solution
The Miraie profactory solution from Panasonic uses technologies such as Cloud, IoT, analytics, and mobile app to manage end-to-end operations resulting in enhanced production efficiency, quality, identifying issues and reduced downtime.

“Miraie profactory is our smart manufacturing factory solution, which is for industry 4.0 that digitises a factory and give a lot of real-time insights of things happening at the factory,” Manish Misra, Chief Technology Officer, Panasonic India Innovation Centre, told IANS.

The platform, developed at Panasonic India’s Innovation Centre, is compatible with different types of machines, models and brands in the manufacturing space.

“In our pilot projects, we have seen an increase of 8-15 percent in manufacturing facility productivity. Miraie Profactory platform aims at empowering enterprises for their digital transformation,” Manish Sharma, CEO, Panasonic India, said.

Panasonic said the IoT solution is currently available in four variants and is customisable from basic to advance depending on the requirement with value-added features.