Digi International enables smart city initiatives

Digi International has announced its products are impacting smart city initiatives worldwide and enables new operational efficiencies, reduced response times and new levels of citizen services.

Digi smart city implementations include AddEnergie, CIMCON Software, Bigbelly Solar and Tel-O-Fun.

Digi assist AddEnergie in wireless capabilities to help the VERnetwork and the Electric Circuit serve EV drivers and charging station owners with customer service, access control, payment and energy management.

AddEnergie with the guidance of Digi, developed charging infrastructures featuring a wireless network and provide connectivity to each charging station and interface with a third-party energy management system.

Meanwhile, Digi provided wireless solution to CIMCOM Software which traverse great ranges and dense brush as well as prove reliable under severe weather conditions.

Digi solutions connect more than 650 Street Light Controllers (SLC’s) to monitor pertinent electrical parameters and control the light in a variety of ways.

Digi International

Customers can also set up alarms and receive notifications regarding energy consumption and faults.

Additionally, Bigbelly has selected Digi Wireless Design Services to design the technology platform to connect solar-powered trash and recycling compactor sensor units for real-time, wireless communications of station status and alerts for pickups.

This apart, Tel-O-Fun used Digi solutions as part of each docking station terminal, where users can purchase subscriptions, rent, obtain and return bicycles.

Digi wireless technologies provide reliable and fast communications rugged enough to withstand Tel Aviv’s summer temperatures and high humidity as well as avoid costly roadwork involving council permits and road disruption.

“Digi wireless devices work at the intersection of all sorts of smart city deployments – whether it’s traffic, lighting, energy, transportation or waste management,” said Jeff Liebl, vice president and chief marketing officer, Digi International.

Shilpa Khatri

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