Dell celebrates first anniversary of IoT division


Dell Internet of Things announced new partners, promoted partners and winners of IoT innovation contest on the occasion of its first anniversary.

The company added VMware, Nokia, Eurotech to its partners list. This program is expected to allow Dell to provide more technology choices for customers and unlock new market opportunities.

In a press statement, Dell said the launch of the IoT division and Dell’s first purpose-built IoT solution, the Edge Gateway 5000 Series, was an important step toward enabling real world IoT solutions for businesses.

“We’re proud of the progress that we’ve made this past year,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director, Commercial IoT Solutions, Dell.

“With the launch of the Edge Gateway and Embedded Box PCs, our quickly growing partnership program and now our successful IoT Gateway Contest, our efforts underscore Dell’s deep commitment to driving IoT adoption for real world use.”

Dell and Intel hosted the “Connect What Matters” IoT Contest from October 2015 to March 2016 to encourage businesses large and small to submit interesting, practical, data-driven ideas.

The platinum winner is V5 Systems, a provider of portable, solar-powered security and Industrial IoT solutions.

This technology can be deployed without being tied to power or data cables for applications from law enforcement to agriculture to other outdoor uses.

The portable units contain analytics, multiple sensors (including video, acoustic and chemical detection), power, computing and Wi-Fi and cellular communications.