Avnet introduces new IoT solutions at MWC Shanghai 2019


Avnet is showcasing its services and technologies for the development of IoT applications at MWC Shanghai 2019.

The solutions, including both hardware and software-to-cloud, aim to help customers realize their ideas in the fields of manufacturing, environmental, construction, retail, food processing and smart city.

Avnet’s hardware IoT solutions include a smart device to count and track people using radar and narrowband IoT technologies. The monitoring is done using cloud management.

Avnet also showcased a smart plug which helps with the connectivity limitations by changing the plug from Wi-Fi to NB-IoT. It’s helpful in predicting machine failures through data training.

Another device is a water leakage monitor connected to the cloud which aims to protect assets from damage upon leakage.

Avnet’s solutions enabling intelligent connectivity include – IoTConnect, a platform with market-ready solutions to help businesses develop and deploy apps with IoT. It works on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

SmartEDge Agile helps engineers deploy IoT projects on ultra-thin bandwidth networks.

eUICC is a solution for flexible cellular connectivity which allows choosing a mobile network operator without having to change the SIM in their machines and sensors.

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