Actility to power LoRaWAN network for Smart Grids in New Zealand with Powerco

Actility announced it will deploy a large-scale LoRaWAN network in order to improve the monitoring of New Zealand’s second largest electricity distribution network.
Actility IoT businessSmart Grid sensors will be installed in order to detect in real-time all malfunctions that may occur on various sections of the grid and therefore to ensure the power network is safe, secure and resilient.

Actility has partnered with local utility company Powerco, which will connect smart sensors and manage its LoRaWAN network on its fully secured private instance of ThingPark Enterprise IoT platform.

LoRaWAN open standard connectivity technology is a leader for smart utility applications, delivering solutions that are easy to scale, optimizing operational cost and reducing utility waste. It allows utility companies to leverage its low-power capabilities to cover thousands of kilometers of its electricity network at low cost, especially in remote areas, and to install LoRaWAN devices providing data in real time, while lasting for years on one battery charge.