Wasp to launch a product that will allow users to check transaction status on smartphone

Bryan Keepers, Wasp Barcode Technology

Infotech Lead America: Wasp Barcode Technology recently announced the WWS100i Wireless Pocket Barcode Scanner providing compatibility to Android or Apple iOS devices. The WWS100i can read poorly printed or damaged barcodes with a Print Contrast Ratio (PCR) as low as 30 percent.  It can withstand multiple 5-foot drops to concrete and it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to handle up to 5,000 scans on a single charge.

Bryan Keepers, Wasp Barcode Technology director of North American Sales,  said Wasp is coming out with a product that will allow users to check the status and other important information for their transaction on their smartphone. Excerpts of the online interview:

What are the major applications of Wasp Barcode Technologies?

Wasp provides small businesses with data capture and tracking solutions that are ideal for manufacturing, warehousing & distribution, retail, government, education, and healthcare.

What are the major technology trends in barcode solutions market?

Businesses are finding that they need to work faster and more efficiently in order to keep ahead of the competition and lower costs.  This is driving the need for robust, easy-to-use inventory and asset management solutions which integrate with mobile devices such as PC tablets, smartphones, and mobile computers.

Why should customers turn to Wasp for barcode solutions?

Wasp’s solutions are easy to set up and use right out of the box.  Wasp also provides free training and US based technical support to make implementing and using our products quick and painless.   If a customer needs help or has a problem there is only one company they need tocontact.

How do you evaluate your performance over the past five years? How do you expect it to change in the coming years?

Over the past five years Wasp has seen significant growth (40 percent+) and established a strong reputation for quality, affordability, and customer service to over a 100,000 customers.  We hope to increase that growth rate over the next 5 years, by investing in SaaS technology, targeting specific verticals (healthcare, education, etc.), and coming out with several new solutions.

 What is the biggest challenge you face in the market today?

One of our biggest challenges continues to be educating the millions of small business owners that affordable, easy-to-use, automation tools are available to improve their business and make their life easier.  A lot of small business owners still assume these types of benefits can only be reach by large companies.

With the growing popularity of smartphones, mobile barcode software market looks highly prospective. What are your strategies to tap this market opportunity?

With most business owners now using smartphones it has increased the demand to have vital information at their fingertips.  Last year Wasp developed a tool that allows customer to create free QR codes that can easily be read by most smartphones, and incorporated into their products and marketing.  Next year, Wasp is coming out with a product that will allow users to check the status and other important information for their transaction on their smartphone.  While a lot of functionality of asset and inventory solutions still require a traditional mobile computer with a barcode scanner, we are continuing to look for opportunities to increase efficiency and allow users to utilizesmartphone devices they already have.

What are your partnership strategies?

Wasp truly understands the value of partnership relationships in order to quickly and reliably provide robust solutions that provide superior value to current and future customers.  We try to find partnerships that help us expand our product line with products that focus on ease of use and affordability for the customers.

Any plans to expand to Asia? 

Wasp has already expanded in the Asia-Pacific market via our Australia office.  Our goal is to triple sales in Australia over the next couple of years.  We will continue to evaluate the Asia-Pacific market and expand as business opportunities align with our goals.

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