Quantum interview: Tiered storage with indefinite growth capability can address big data challenges

Quantum specializes in data protection and big data management services which deliver specialized storage solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments. They help businesses maximize the value of their data by protecting and preserving it over its entire lifecycle.

In an interaction with Infotech Lead, Janet Lafleur, senior manager, Big Data Product Marketing for Quantum, shared her view on the growing big data deployments among enterprises. Excerpt of the interaction follows:

Janet LaFleur

What are your tips and solutions to enterprise CIOs to improve RoI from Big Data deployments?

People are collecting and retaining a lot of data, but they are not fully exploiting it yet. Some organizations use analytics to tease out trends, but there’s a lot more opportunity for getting value out of their data. More applications and algorithms are needed to do that. That said, the first step in leveraging big data’s value is storing and maintaining the information and that’s what we do well. Additionally, managing big data growth cost effectively requires tiered storage solutions that can grow indefinitely.  Innovations in storage technology make that possible today.

What are the demands of your enterprise customers?

Quantum’s StorNext is used by top movie studios, leading worldwide universities and government organizations. These industries are facing volumes of streaming big data – such as video, sensors, research data, etc. — which may need to be shared immediately or accessed quickly from archives.  The value of data over time is unpredictable so these companies need a storage infrastructure which can be efficiently managed.

What are your new strategies in the big data segment?

Managing big data growth requires tiered storage solutions that can grow indefinitely.  In addition to serving as a high-speed file sharing and accessing platform, StorNext enables comprehensive policy-based tiering and archiving of big data files.  From primary disk to object storage and tape, StorNext automates the movement of big data files across these storage tiers for cost effective management and access.

What are your new big data offerings?

Quantum’s big data team introduced two key products this year: Lattus-M and StorNext 5. StorNext 5 has been architected from the ground up to address the challenges of managing big data files in today’s evolving work and data flows.  New features include greater speed, scale and flexibility, including scaling up to 5 billion files per file system, supporting native LTFS and being topology agnostic by operating in IP, FibreChannel and HTTP/REST environments.  Quantum’s unique Lattus-M leverages StorNext’stiering capabilities and is automatically tuned to provide an “on ramp” to files stored in the Lattus disk-based object storage archive.

What are the latest trends in Big Data?

We will likely see more analysis tools and greater use of existing ones. People are struggling to store all the data they need. There is a need to upgrade capacity economically but keep data accessible for analysis or monetization. We see movement away from traditional storage infrastructures because they do not address the requirements for lower cost, greater reliability, and performance at the massive scale needed for managing big data and storing it indefinitely.  We believe next generation object storage technologies like Lattus will provide durability and performance needed to support big data analytics workflows.

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