NetRack shares strategies for 2015

NetRack Enclosures, a provider of network rack and server enclosures, has witnessed a growing demand for energy-efficient technologies in data centers.

Ravi Raj, brand head, director Sales & Support at NetRack, shares the major trends in 2014 and the company’s strategy for 2015 in data center space.

What are the major trends in 2014?

Most of the data centers focus on conserving energy, cooling effect, humidity control, and power, along with an aim to achieve best performance. Data center containment solutions can reduce the usage of energy as much as 30 percent. Furthermore, combining cold aisle containment with intelligent control can optimize cooling efficiency in data centers. From quite a long time, we heard businesses talking about the impacts and causes of cooling airflow problems. At this point of time, organizations urged for data centers cold aisle containment solutions. Technology products saw huge amount of popularity in 2014 as they improved data center agility, efficiency and simplicity.

Ravi Raj, Netrack

What are NetRack’s achievements in 2014?

NetRack has constantly aimed to grow along with channel partners. Many organizations have reached us for corporate activities where NetRack has deployed new technology products to help them increase their business efficiency. Our visibility has grown nationwide and will optimize client interactions to accelerate and see further achievements in the industries.

Today business conducts have undergone a radical change with data centers and other organizations seeing increased dependency on machines to carry out the business operations. Moreover, people look for emerging products and solutions that could meet the requirements of the organizations. Speaking about the wins, they have followed us a long way. We have done extremely good projects in India as well as internationally, which has benefited us with 20 more new companies. Simultaneously, this has reflected good revenue and growth for us.

What you have done differently in 2014 to win customers?

We always look forward to deliver our services and products by making an effort to reach beyond the geographic and time constraints. To overcome the accessibility issues which are often encountered, we initiated the process of online delivery system to accomplish the needs of our esteemed customers. In turn, we could endorse our products to business which helped us to gain projects from customers. Furthermore, our projects had no flaws and our partners were 100 percent satisfied with our complete solutions and services.

Good and bad moments in your market in 2014?

Swings and challenges are common in business. To acquire and deliver newer and better technologies, we have entered into partnership with companies to provide continued support, service, technical superiority and capabilities for channel partners. This will establish loyal customer base from some of the major industrial houses. Our products can deliver the required services so as the customer needs will increase. We were sponsors and exhibitors for a couple of events like Gitex held in Dubai, DCD, CeBIT’14 and few more. These platforms gave us an opportunity to interact with new customers and promote new technology products.

Your focus areas and strategies in 2014?

We strongly believe in reaching out each and every customer by doing ATL and BTL activity. Our focus was to deliver products that are flexible, scalable, and versatile. We came up with new technology products and eco-friendly products which reduce the amount of emissions that are indirectly produced. In addition, it can also meet different challenges. We believe in our products, solutions and services and do not compromise on hard work.

Trends to watch in 2015?

Businesses and IT industries have to look ahead for emerging technology trends which can increase the impact of saving energy. Our products enable customers and businesses to save energy themselves.

NetRack’s expansion and investment plans in 2015?

We have added 1.5lac sqft infrastructure. This will support in excelling more production and are looking forward to expand internationally. Additionally, we will leverage our expertise in designing revolutionary products for technologically advanced network and server configurations.

Rajani Baburajan

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