Interview: Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO, eScan

eScan offers anti-virus and content security solutions powered by futuristic technologies such as MWL technology, DIRC technology, NILP technology, and sophisticated Anti-Virus Heuristic algorithms.

Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO, eScan, shares his views on the latest trends and challenges in content security and elaborates on how eScan helps clients address various security concerns.

What are your latest offerings?

The latest version of eScan security solutions with Cloud Security for businesses comprises

of an efficient management console that helps simplify endpoint security administration and

helps lower total cost of ownership by reducing administrative overhead as well as the cost

associated with managing multiple endpoint security products. It provides operational

efficiencies such as single software updates and policy updates, unified and central

reporting as well as a centralized licensing and maintenance program.

eScan offers advanced IT management through comprehensive Asset Management,

managing Print activity and customized real-time reporting modules. It neutralizes the

requirement of any other third-party software for meeting your specific requirements in

managing, monitoring and controlling security on network computers.

What are the latest price trends and technology trends?

The current cyber security landscape comprises of Advanced Persistent Threats that have

been one of the fiercest examples in the field of stealth threats. They are complex enough to

stay undetected for weeks in the field of cyber warfare where exposure of corporate data

and espionage is more of an agenda.

The rise in usage of Smartphones has essentially turned them into a fundamental objective

for cybercriminals, who have started to target these devices at a much larger scale. Whether

it is a fake antivirus scam, malware using social networks to spread or even e-mail

attachments which come loaded with viruses – these threats continue to hinder business


Mr. Govind Rammurthy, CEO & MD, eScan

Though Blackhole exploit kit broke new grounds in 2012 but in 2013 it gave rise to other

stealthier malware with CryptoLocker being the stealthiest of them all. Moreover, Botnets

continue to be dangerous for IT infrastructure as the working of a bot is complex and can

infect a person’s PC in more ways than one. They are specifically designed to search the web

for machines which are unprotected and vulnerable. Bots stay hidden till they are asked to

carry forth a task. Hence, bots act like a bridge that allows hackers to control thousands of

infected machines at any given point in time. The Zeus source code is one prime example

which leads to the development of Gameover. What followed was a whole lot of changes

which made greater use of encryption, gave the botmasters flexibility at setting rules and

also added a backup communication center.

Unlike Windows, Linux has always seen a smaller fraction of malware. Linux-based web

servers have become targets for criminals as it is by far the most used operating system for

a large percentage of web servers. Another aspect surrounding Linux is the assumption of

the operating system to be safer. They are therefore overlooked as potential targets. In other

words, if a Linux system is infected, it can remain infected for months or probably years. The

last few years we have witnessed a growth in the usage of malicious Java and PHP scripts

that are basically written to make Linux servers operate as nodes. Basically turning them

into zombies, which are then controlled to execute payloads such as DDoS.

Mac based malware has been the topic of discussion for most security researchers. Not only

have we witnessed that the once impenetrable Mac was just a myth but the threat to this

once supposedly secure OS is slowly growing by the numbers. Attacks on the Mac have

evolved over the years. The type of malware encountered has been limited to Trojans,

Malicious Java Scripts and malicious browser plugins. Attack on Macs cannot be written off

as the platform has gained traction and is slowly turning into a prime device for a number of


We have seen and will continue witnessing the use of stolen certificates where signed

components taken from either the Windows OS or third-party vendors will be used in order

to conceal and load specific malware.

With the starting of April 2014, Microsoft will stop providing patches for Windows XP and

Office 2003. As of last year, approximately 32% of all PCs still run Windows XP. So for all

Windows XP users, the abandonment of providing support and patches is a serious concern.

Who are your main customers and main industry verticals?

Every IT user is our customer. Anyone who uses computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or

any digital device is our customer. eScan is used by IT users belonging to all major segments

such as home users, small and medium businesses as well as corporate and enterprises. Our

clientele includes customers from all major verticals such as government, BFSI, education,

healthcare, defense, Telecom, IT & ITeS, real-estates, etc. worldwide.

Share some of the customer benefits and quotes from your customers?

# “I just started using your product; hence I am yet to know about your product. However, I

came to know through my friends that your product is very good in protecting the system

from viruses.”

– D S Rayudu – Mumbai, India

# “After the deployment of eScan Corporate, we have realized a 90 per cent decrease in

issues with regards to endpoint security, which was considerably better than what we had


– Mr. Mathew Joseph – vice president – IT, Shalimar Paints

# “eScan is excellent. I liked your services. Currently, eScan is the first choice in my local

area. Bravo!”

– Sogoseye Anthony – Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania

# “We are truly very satisfied with your product.”

– Mehul Patni – network administrator, Mercury Laboratories LTD., Vadodara, India

# “Dear Sir, This is so easy to install and operate. I like it.”

– Shivananda Nayak –  system administrator, Triumph Auto PVT. LTD., Gurgaon, India

# “To,

Technical Support Team,

It is very joy to say that my antivirus problem has completely been solved. Many thanks to

your technical team who have contacted me to resolve my problem. I’m very much pleased

to the sincerity of your team members. Wishing for your team’s success in a very bigger way

and hope that whenever I need your assistance you will provide me.

With regards,”

– Jayanta Chakraborty

# “Good service with remote support and phone.”

– Bharat Waghela – Mumbai, India

# “Keep up the great service and support. Loved eScan cloud.”

– Matthew Maria – Victoria, Australia

# “Dear Sir,

Thanks for your support. My problem has been solved by one of your engineers by taking

remote connection of my pc. Thank you again for such a quick support.”

– Pushkar Ranadive – Mumbai India

# “I got a good technical support via chat.”

– Antony Issac, general manager Fotospeed – Lagos, Nigeria

# “eScanAV Anti-Virus Toolkit (MWAV) is the best I have ever seen and used among all the

antivirus available in the market.”

– Monty, restaurant manager, Kebabs n More – Hyderabad, India

# “Your new interface eScan features are very good especially scanning of USB pen drive

(flash). Your antivirus is excellent.”

– Moses K. Ronoh, director Zaburi Cyber World – Nairobi, Kenya

Share 5 tips to enterprise CIOs before selecting solutions? 

BYOD: The concerns of BYOD are related to device management and deployment of corporate

security policies. Catering to these issues require a holistic approach. Unified / Centralized

management / security solutions should be chosen to handle the emerging threats.

CLOUD: Cloud has reduced the overall infrastructure cost; however the concerns of Cloud are related to user access.

SECURITY: When it comes to overall Security, deployment of IDS/IPS and WAF is a must, along with this

securing the end-points and BYOD coupled with regular Security Audits would provide CIOs

with a perspective which is in tune with the changing times.

BFSI SECURITY:  CIOs of BFSI have to deal with security in its entirety. Choosing the right solution to handle

perimeter security and also the application security is of prime importance. Moreover,

providing a secure environment to the customers is the need of the hour considering the

fact that daily tens and hundreds of malware / phishing attacks are directed towards them.


NETWORK SECURITY: Deployment of IDS/IPS/WAF will simply block the outsiders from attacking/compromising

your networks. However, insider threats have to be recognized, not just with respect to

rogue employees but rogue devices or spam mails which might be opened up by an

unsuspecting employee. Moreover, IT security awareness programs for employees are a

must in this ever changing IT Security Landscape.


Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]


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