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AGC Networks says Speech Analytics gain acceptance in contact centers

Infotech Lead India: AGC Networks, an Essar Enterprise, with global presence in 9+ countries and 16+ offices across India, has 2500+ diverse customer base including Fortune 500 companies.
Amit Bishnoi, vice president – Applications Business, AGC Networks, says it provides unified communications solutions which are vendor agnostic and robust to contact center industry. Excerpts of an online interview:
What are the top technologies that can transform contact centers?

The sector is the most customer centric as today it is one of the most important customer service channels. India has experienced a high growth and continues to expect it in coming years as well, but in recent past we have found a new competition in emerging regions like Philippines. Now investing in technology to improving quality of experience and reducing cash outflow is a must.

In this sector technology plays a very crucial role in transforming the efficiency in operations, reducing cost and streamlining process to achieve excellence. With ever increasing call volume in audio centers, it becomes very challenging to maintain the quality of a call while generating vital insights. Today the whole sector is relooking at their IT investments , the infrastructure they have built, technologies they have adopted, output of these technology adoptions and overall expenses made on IT .

Amit Bishnoi, vice president – Applications Business, AGC Networks

That’s why we are seeing a lot of shift right from network level where they are moving to SIP architecture to applications related to workforce management, desktop unified solutions and back office offerings which enables an executive to respond faster and with wider customer information available at a glance. Technologies like Speech Analytics are witnessing acceptance as tool to proactively understand customer need and suggest solutions. These solutions will deliver a major transformation in contact centers sector in coming days. Speech Analytics, also known as audio mining, is application that enables converting unstructured conversations into structured output. With multiple techniques, the conversations are structured and turned into metadata. Speech Analytics also enables real time analysis of audio data with the help of real-time speech or interaction analytics applications.

What are your company’s offerings for the contact center industry?

We offer the solutions like SIP Network Architecture which allows enterprises to provide a unified and seamless communications experience even across heterogeneous networks like access layer, session management layer and even application layer.

In addition we offer inbound, outbound, multimedia, social media management, interactive voice and video services, reporting and analytics, workforce management, call recording – compliance and quality management solutions. With ‘Best To Fit’ approach, we deliver industry enterprise class design and consulting services to ensure organizations get the best possible customer care through custom services such as computer telephony integration, CRM and analytics services like speech analytics, text analytics, enterprise feedback management, customer feedback, social media insight, IVR analytics and web interaction analytics.

What is the latest technology trend in contact centers?

Today contact centers are looking at consolidating their IT spend and optimize costs leveraging the existing infrastructure and making technology investments which are future proof. They are looking for tighter integration between components to leverage their investments. Multimedia email chat voice and back office being integrated to bring economies of scale.

From an operations standpoint voice enabled IVR, voice biometrics, unified desktop, competency based learning for agents and enhanced automation at the desktop level providing more insight and information to agents to handle the interaction hence enabling better customer experience for the callers.

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