Indian enterprise storage market: IBM gains, EMC, HP, Dell, NetApp dip

Share of EMC in the Indian external enterprise storage systems market dropped to 29 percent in Q3 2014 from 31 percent in Q2 2014, said IDC.

IBM gained during the period. IBM displaced HP with a 24 percent market share in Q3 2014. IBM saw a significant growth this quarter due to some large deals which helped them elevate to the 2nd spot from their 5th spot in Q2 2014.

In fact, IBM was the only vendor to gain in Q3 2014. EMC, NetApp, HP and Dell slipped in terms of enterprise storage market share.

IDC said the external enterprise storage systems market is expected to grow in double digits in the coming quarters.

Banking, manufacturing, communication & media and Government verticals will investing in storage due to a combination of refresh, investments in  business outcome led technologies and capacity requirements.

Dileep Nadimpalli, senior market analyst, Storage at IDC, said: “Significant growth of both structured and unstructured data is seen due to various factors like increased acceptance of third platform, compliance, regulatory and other business needs, and that is driving the need for storage like never before.”

external enterprise storage systems market in Q3 2014

IDC said India external storage market posted double-digit quarter-on-quarter growth to $61.97 million in Q3 2014, while year-on-year the market growth dipped.

The market is expected to revive in the coming quarters due to business favoring policies from government and large pending technology refreshes, though increased acceptability of cloud and need of infrastructure optimization across organizations are posing hiccups to the traditional storage market growth.

Flash storage is gaining foothold in Indian organizations, especially in verticals like communication & media, manufacturing, IT/ITeS and banking. Software defined storage is slowly gaining traction with majority of the OEMs gearing up with solution based approach to cater to this demand.

Communications & Media, Banking and Professional Services continued to be the dominant verticals while Government and Manufacturing verticals saw a decline as compared to Q2 2014.  Retail (mostly e-commerce) and Healthcare came out as the fastest growing verticals in Q3 2014 and the trend is likely to continue.

“As India embarks on its digital journey and third platform adoption and acceptance rises, storage requirements have started to outpace the traditional planning processes. As the lines get blurred for the cloud based and on premise storage requirements; convergence, management layer and easy movement of data between the two will define the storage solutions, going forward,” said Gaurav Sharma, research manager, Enterprise Computing – Enterprise Infrastructure (India).

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