How Amex stadium improved user experience with Ruckus Wi-Fi

American Express Community Stadium (The AMEX) has deployed Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi network to ensure interactive user experience for football club fans and attendees of other events by offering free Wi-Fi throughout the entire stadium.

Brighton & Hove Management Company, which manages The AMEX, has tapped The Cloud and deployed nearly 100 Ruckus ZoneFlex indoor and outdoor access points at the stadium’s stands, bars, concourses and press areas.

Seagulls fans will gain from the ability to browse the web, tweet, bet in-play and use the Seagull’s new mobile app, which provides a live match score center, player profiles, exclusive manager and player interviews, and a range of other content. The new network has helped streamline stadium operations using in-house apps, and augments expensive and often spotty 3G/4G cellular data service.

The Cloud, a public Wi-Fi provider in Europe, ensured in delivering 2 Mbps of wireless capacity to each user in high density environments for HD video streaming, to supporting four devices per 10 square meters and the ability to connect 50 percent of all users during a full stadium event.

The Cloud also deployed flexible deployment options — both wired and mesh, support for 10,000+ concurrent client connections, rich analytics and robust centralized management.

“Exceptional stadium Wi-Fi is predicated on explicit control of Wi-Fi signals and a smarter approach to RF design,” said Sami Susiaho, head of Edge Technologies for The Cloud.

Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology has enabled The Cloud to consistently deliver Wi-Fi signal strength of -65dB or better throughout AMEX Stadium.

The Cloud has installed 80 Ruckus ZoneFlex outdoor access points (APs) to the roof superstructure near the Stadium’s speakers. Each AP has the capacity to service up to 200 users and designed to cover a block of 400 seats.

As part of managing The AMEX network, The Cloud is also utilizing the Ruckus SmartCell Insight (SCI) big data analytics platform.
Since deploying the Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi infrastructure, The Cloud has reported that during a recent match they saw over 13,000 devices connect concurrently, consuming 600,000 minutes of online time and over 10,000 megabytes of data downloaded—more than twice the average match day use.

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