How Dell assists Williams Energy to reduce provisioning workload by 50%

Dell Software today said its One Identity Manager assisted Williams Energy to streamline its identity and access management process and reduce its provisioning workload by 50 percent.

Williams Energy, one of North America’s largest providers of energy infrastructure, replaced its outdated access request application.

Earlier, Williams Energy considered having IBM update the application. The company later felt that another custom solution would be difficult to maintain.

The energy company tapped Dell for a new solution that would automate and simplify its identity and access management processes, while protecting against unauthorized access.

John Milburn, executive director, Identity and Access Management, Dell Software, said: “Williams Energy needed to replace its legacy access request application with an efficient and automated identity management solution that would meet their needs without requiring a lot of customization.”

Dell said its Identity Manager enabled users to request access to resources and track the status of those requests, and streamlined the attestation process to ensure individual accountability.

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What Dell Identity Manager offered?

Easy-to-use interface

Users could search for an item instead going through several screens and expand multiple folders. The company benefited from the capability to request access to a component for multiple users, and to create a request based on another user’s access, for such things as streamlining access requests for new hires. This allows the company to keep users productive, with the right access to data from day one at the company.

Automatic provisioning and deprovisioning

Earlier, the old system notified everyone whenever any employee left, but users wanted to see only the terminations for users who had access to their individual systems to keep workload down while mitigating risk associated with unauthorized access to corporate data, a key value of Identity Manager.

Improved system access review

Dell said it enabled users to review which users have access to which system more efficiently, within a solution that could pull timely data from the target systems and eliminate the need for a time-consuming and error-prone manual process.

Minimal custom coding

The company said Identity Manager simplifies major identity and access management tasks to a fraction of the complexity, time or expense of “traditional” framework solutions. Identity Manager delivered all of the functionality Williams needed, with no business disruptions.

While the company’s IT staff previously manually administered 3,000 to 4,000 provisioning tasks per month, Identity Manager has cut that workload by 50 percent through automated identity lifecycle management.

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