Yodel taps Motorola Solutions to reduce data latency issues by 50%

Yodel, a parcel company in the United Kingdom, has used Mobility Lifecycle Management (MLM) from Motorola Solutions to cut deliveries confirmed on paper in half compared to previous years while reducing data latency issues by more than 50 percent.

Yodel, which has a workforce of up to 16,000, delivers around 135-million parcels per year on behalf of the UK’s top retailers, both into stores and direct to consumers, using handheld mobile devices including Motorola Solution’s MC67, MC45 and RS507.

To scan parcels and give its drivers delivery instructions and capture customer signatures, Yodel uses mobile technology.

In addition, mobile technology is crucial to the delivery process with individual parcels being scanned at various stages in order to provide accurate tracking for Yodel’s clients and their customers. Yodel is currently operating from more than 60 locations, delivering more than 135-million parcels per year on behalf of more than 1,500 clients, with a focus on retail.

Motorola solutions

Its alliance with Motorola gives Yodel a comprehensive managed solution allowing full visibility of its 8,000 mobile devices and 12,000 seasonal devices, ensuring its workforce is equipped to provide an effective and efficient service.

The MLM solution helps ensure the introduction of mobile device technologies across an enterprise by speeding rollout and providing operational support for mobile device and application planning. MLM also supports deployment, management, service desk, repairs, reporting and analysis.

Performance is governed by customer-specific service-level agreements and clients will have visibility to all operations and performance measures through the Mobility Lifecycle Management Portal, a customizable browser-based reporting and analysis tool.

The Mobility Lifecycle Management (MLM) from Motorola Solutions builds on Motorola’s global leadership in mission- and business-critical communications by providing agnostic lifecycle management across Windows Mobile, Apple iOS and Android-based operating systems from a wide variety of device manufacturers.

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