Is Indian software engineers’ salary significantly lower than white workers in the same position?

Is Indian software engineers’ salary significantly lower than white workers in the same position? As per a former Oracle senior sales manager, many Indian workers are getting lower salary than their white counter parts abroad in the same company and same position.

If this is true, it is a big example for job discrimination.

Bloomberg reported that a former Oracle senior sales manager sued Oracle, an enterprise software firm, alleging he was fired for complaining when he was told to offer an Indian worker, he sought to transfer to California, a substantially lower pay than white workers in the same position.

Ian Spandow, who was an ex-senior regional manager in database sales, claimed his December termination was in retaliation for his opposition to what he called a discriminatory practice “of paying Indian employees wages that are substantially lower than those paid to Caucasian employees,” according to a civil rights complaint filed on January 7 in a federal court in San Francisco.

Oracle job discrimination
According to the Bloomberg report, when he objected to the practice, he was told by his sales director that the salary would be “good money for an Indian,” according to the complaint. Spandow, who joined Oracle in 2005, sought approval in September to transfer an Oracle employee in India with seven years and a successful track record at the company to California, according to the complaint.

Spandow said his request for salary equal to what the company pays white workers was denied and he was told to offer significantly less — $50,000 to $60,000, according to the complaint. Oracle’s human resources manager insisted that it was fair to offer the lower salary, Spandow alleged in the complaint. Spandow said the firing was unlawful discrimination based on his national origin and retaliation and is seeking unspecified damages, according to his complaint.

This kind of discrimination, if true, is alarming. This should not happen to any workers across the globe.

Do you know such practices in work places? Are you a victim of this kind of job discrimination? Write to us.

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