Ethernet switch market up 6.2%, router dips 4% in Q2

The Ethernet switch market (Layer 2/3) rose 6.2 percent to $5.7 billion in the second quarter of 2014, said IDC.

Growth drivers were China with 40.2 percent and India 29.3 percent growth. Asia Pacific revenue grew 21 percent in Q2 2014.

Led by Argentina, Peru, and Brazil, Latin America Ethernet switch market increased 18.7 percent.

Growth in Western Europe was 13.9 percent.

Growing issues in Ukraine and Russia contributed to 16.3 percent dip in Ethernet switch market revenue in the Central & Eastern Europe (CEE).

Japan declined 4.3 percent, while fall in North America was 0.7 percent.

“Ethernet switch market saw growth as a result of gains in 10GbE and 40GbE port shipments, especially in the datacenter, and with some regions and countries outperforming over recent historical trends,” said Rohit Mehra, vice president, Network Infrastructure at IDC.

10Gb Ethernet switch (Layer 2/3) revenue increased 7.8 percent to $2.2 billion while 10Gb Ethernet switch port shipments grew 23 percent to 6 million ports.

Enterprise Ethernet switch vendors in Q2 by IDC

Meanwhile, router market declined 4 percent.

The service provider segment declined 0.9 percent, while enterprise segment dipped 12.4 percent.

Growth in router in Japan and Latin America was more than 7 percent.

Middle East & Africa region grew 4.6 percent.

Western Europe rose 1.7 percent.

APeJ finished the second quarter flat.

North America dipped 11.5 percent.


Cisco’s Ethernet switch (Layer 2/3) revenue increased 1.5 percent but Cisco’s market share dipped below 60 percent for the first time to 59.8 percent. This was down from 60.5 percent in 1Q14 and 62.6 percent in 2Q13.

Cisco’s share in 10GbE was 61.3 percent against 67.6 percent in Q2 2013. Cisco’s service provider and enterprise router revenue declined 13.3 percent.


HP’s Ethernet switch revenue increased 11.9 percent. HP’s market share stands at 10 against 9.1 percent in Q1 2014 and 9.5 percent in Q2 2013.


Juniper router revenue increased 5.2 percent, while Ethernet switch revenue rose 26 percent.

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