Use Whatsapp to file complaints about police corruption

Goa Police on Thursday unveiled a Whatsapp number on which aggrieved people can report and file their complaints related to police corruption.

A statement issued by the public relations officer of Goa Police said complainants could post written complaints as well as photos as well as videos via Whatsapp on issued related to graft within the police department.

“Now the public can lodge corruption complaints on Whatsapp number 7030100000, with any picture and or videos related to the incident,” the statement said.

The statement further said the facility had been started “for the benefit of the general public who want to report against the police personnel indulging in corruption”.

Some months back Goa Director General of Police T.N. Mohan had conceded to ahigh level of corruption in the police department.

“I am only saying it out of genuine concern that we are not, as officers, very happy with levels of corruption that we suspect in the police force and it takes me lot of pain to say this, but I cannot hide (it). Whatever reports I am getting are not very encouraging for me to not to accept that there is a level of corruption in this force,” Mohan had said.


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