Technology prevented leakages of nearly $10 billion in India

PM Narendra Modi at GCCS 2017Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS 2017) in New Delhi said that the combination of Jan-Dhan bank accounts, the Aadhaar platform and mobile phone has prevented leakages to the tune of nearly $10 billion so far.

Digital technology is contributing to increased farm incomes. A farmer can access a variety of services, such as soil-testing results, expert advice, and a good price for his produce, at the click of a button.

Small entrepreneurs can register on Government e-Marketplace, and bid competitively for supply of goods to the Government. He also contributes to lowering the cost of procurement for Government. This leads to increased efficiency, and greater value for public money.
Ravi Shankar Prasad at GCCS 2017
Pensioners no longer need to present themselves in front of a bank officer, to provide proof of life. Today, a pensioner can leverage the Aadhaar biometric platform, to provide this proof with minimal physical effort.

Women form a significant part of the IT workforce. Digital technology has facilitated several new enterprises led by women. In this way the IT sector has contributed towards gender empowerment.

Citizens of India are increasingly adopting cashless transactions. For this, we created the Bharat Interface for Money – or BHIM App. This App is helping the movement towards a less cash and corruption free society.

UMANG Mobile App provides over a hundred citizen-centric services. At the back-end, these services will be catered for by many different departments of the Union and State Governments. This integrated approach will add an automatic layer of “peer performance pressure”, in the working of these departments.

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