Railways to conduct future examinations online

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on Friday said future railway recruitment examinations will be conducted online in a transparent manner so that people are not deceived.

“Some people were complaining about the malpractices in recruitment in 2014. I have addressed that issue by making sure that all examinations in future will be online examinations,” he said at an event organised by the Bharat Chamber of Commerce here.

The minister said his department was working on bringing in transparency in all functional aspects. Indian Railways was undergoing changes to upgrade its services, he added.

“Why should we have a process in which touts and others are benefited and people hoodwinked. This is again something which I am bringing in as a change,”

A group of people blocked Prabhu’s convoy in protest against alleged malpractices in the 2014 South Eastern Railway recruitment examination. Prabhu assured the protesters he will look into the issue.


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