Indian Railways presents new online vender registration system

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Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO), the research arm of Ministry of Railways, has launched new online vender registration system.

The new online vender registration system features public access to the information, expeditious process completion with defined timelines, simplification of procedures, round-the-year services, availability of related information on RDSO Website, monitoring, reduction in cycle timelines, regular update of online data, user friendly interface etc.

Some features

# Vendor need not come to RDSO for any activity related to his case for registration

# Activities in vendor registration cycle have been tied to specific timelines. If these activities exceed the allotted timelines, a system generated alert is flashed to all concerned officials and higher ups for immediate corrective action in the matter

The earlier system used to take 8 to 11 months for physical verification activity to start. The process used to start only after completion of document scrutiny. Indian Railways said the new online system conducts document scrutiny and physical verification simultaneously — resulting in reduction of cycle timelines.

The new online system implemented by RDSO enables the vendor to deposit registration fee, submit documents, download technical drawings and specifications, and interact with RDSO online. At each stage the vendor would get a system generated alert / acknowledgment regarding status of his case with details.

The system provides management dashboard for centralized monitoring of the whole procedure and the process work-flow with the objective of identifying bottlenecks, if any, and initiating corrective action.

RDSO has invited Expression of Interest (EOI) for 600 plus items and kept the window open with no timelines to enable wider participation and association of industries.

Vendors can register for any of the item throughout 365 days of the year. It will provide business opportunity for growth of new SMEs thus aiding job creation.

Information and data pertaining to cases of vendor registration and all references pending at RDSO has now been brought into public domain by uploading it on RDSO website. Details of all cases are now available in public domain and can be accessed by everybody.

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