Indian Railway to provide Wi-Fi at more stations

Indian Railway will provide Wi-Fi in all A1, A and B category stations. There are total 709 such stations on Indian Railways (A1-75, A-332 and B-302) including 34 stations in Gujarat and 45 stations in Maharashtra.

Trials for provision of Wi-Fi at stations with no Capital investment from Railways have been conducted. These trials were conducted to find a suitable business model to sustain the system.

At present, the Wi-Fi facility has been provided at 11 stations on Indian Railways:
Indian Railways

(1) CST Mumbai, Central Railway

(2) Howrah, Eastern Railway

(3) New Delhi, Northern Railway

(4) Varanasi, Northern Railway

(5) Ghazipur, North Eastern Railway

(6) Chennai, Southern Railway

(7) Secunderabad, South Central Railway

(8) Ahmedabad, Western Railway

(9) Agra Cantt., North Central Railway

(10) Bengaluru, South Western Railway

(11) Madgaon, Konkan Railway.

The Indian Railways are likely to complete A1 and A category stations in next two years, while B category stations would take another one year, said the Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha at Lok Sabha.

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