Indian railway to install 12 lakh CCTV cameras to improve security

Indian RailwaysIndia’s railway ministry is planning to purchase 12 lakh CCTV cameras to improve security in all its trains and railway stations.

Media report said that the government will allocate Rs 3,000 crore in the budget for the fiscal 2018-19.

Indian Railway will install CCTV cameras in all 11,000 trains — including premier and suburban services. The government will also install CCTV cameras in all the 8,500 railway stations. This will be a major development as only 395 stations and 50 trains were equipped with CCTV cameras.

All the major entry points will have the cameras– eight in total. Crucial points in stations will have the cameras as well.

IANS reports that that all the mail and premier trains including Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and local passenger services will be equipped with the modern surveillance systems in the next two years.

Investment in technology to improve safety and prevention of accidents is the top priority this year in view of many major rail accidents in 2017. Providing facilities to passengers is also a focus area for the India government. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will provision for measures to strengthen railway safety when he spells out details of Budget 2018-19 on February 1.
CCTV Indian railway
Market opportunities

By 2020, the IoT will have some impact on how enterprise commercial video surveillance projects are implemented, according to IHS Markit. The security camera will no longer only be a security product. It will also act a sensor for the building to assess room capacity.

IHS Markit forecasts that in the professional market, shipments of HD CCTV cameras will grow to almost 29 million units globally in 2017 against fewer than 0.2 million units in 2012.

HD CCTV cameras are forecast to account for the majority of cameras shipped in a number of countries in 2017. India is one example. Elsewhere, HD CCTV cameras are forecast to account for a much lower proportion of cameras shipped.

The key technologies associated with a safe city include CCTV, command & control, private The global market for safe city solutions is projected to be worth more than $20 billion by 2021 against over $14 billion in 2016.

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