India to use advanced technologies for counting of tiger

Technology for Tiger IndiaIndia Government will be using advanced technologies for the tiger estimation exercise in 2018.

The current assessment uses Android phone-based application and desktop version of M-STrIPES (Monitoring System for Tigers-Intensive Protection and Ecological Status) for collecting, archiving and analyzing data.

The phone application records the track log of surveys and line transects, as well as authenticates the recorded data on signs and animal sightings with geo-tagged photographs.

The 2018 Estimation will use nearly 15,000 cameras as compared with 9,700 cameras in 2006.

India Government will be investing Rs 10.22 crore for the tiger estimation exercise. This is the world’s largest wildlife survey effort in terms of coverage, intensity of sampling and quantum of camera trapping.

India conducts the All India Tiger Estimation every four years. India had 2,226 tigers, according to the Tiger Estimation in 2014. Tiger population in India has increased at an average rate of about 5.8 percent since the year 2006.

Trained wildlife biologists collect information using camera traps on tiger, leopard and prey abundance. They identify individual tigers and leopards using a customized software that uses the stripe and spot patterns to identify individuals.

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