India issued 92.68 crore Aadhaar cards in five years

Aadhaar card
UIDAI, which issued the first Aadhaar number on September 29, 2010, has till date generated more than 92.68 crore Aadhaar cards in five years time.

Around 93 percent of adult residents of India have voluntarily acquired the Aadhaar card, an official statement said on Friday.

“Till now, it is found that 93 percent of the adult residents in India voluntarily acquired and possess Unique Identity – ‘Aadhaar’. To achieve universal Aadhaar coverage, the UIDAI is now focusing on child enrolment, besides mopping up remaining persons,” said an official statement.

“This success has been possible due to people’s voluntary quest to empower themselves with the unique identity that is portable and authenticable online anywhere, anytime on a digital platform.

“It has been established in no uncertain terms that nobody can fake anybody’s Aadhaar established identity on authentication,” the statement said.

“Hence, the targeted delivery of direct benefits under various welfare schemes and programmes became a dream come true with Aadhaar proving itself as a strategic policy tool for social and financial inclusion, increasing convenience and promoting hassle-free people-centric governance,” it added.

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