IFFCO taps CSC to bring e-commerce services to rural villages

agriculture and mobileCSC e-Governance Services India (CSC–SPV) has bagged a deal from Indian farmer fertiliser cooperative (IFFCO) to support in providing e-commerce services to rural villages.

CSC e–Commerce web portal will display all products and service offerings of IFFCO and group companies using the Indian Cooperative Digital Platform (ICDP), the digital initiative of IFFCO.

Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) will accept the orders from farmers for agri-inputs and other services. VLEs will place order on CSC Portal and remit payment after aggregating truck load or certain minimum amount of orders.

Farmers in villages will benefit

# Quality products

# Increased availability of agri–inputs

# Saving time and money of farmers

# Fair price

# Access to information on latest developments in agriculture practices

# Benefits of farmer welfare programs organized by IFFCO, etc

Orders from VLEs are aggregated at district level. The VLE society operates the godown, receives the material in the district and organizes further distribution among VLEs in the village to ensure that the material reaches the concerned person.

IFFCO, once payment is received from CSC, will supply the material to district level societies, which in turn distribute the material to their VLEs.

Initially, CSC–SPV will designate some VLE Societies located at district level to serve as a carrying and forwarding (C&F) society for supply of fertilizers and other products to its member VLEs.

CSC–SPV will ensure the VLE societies acquire the required licences and abide by laws of the land. Both, IFFCO and CSC–SPV will have supervisory powers on VLE Societies.

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